Saturday, April 2, 2011

What a weekend......and it's only Saturday!!

Whew! It's only Saturday and what a busy weekend it's been already!! 2 birthday parties, Prom up-do for my cousin today, then pictures at church tomorrow and a session tomorrow afternoon. I'm ready for Monday to be here so I can do some get some rest!

Unfortunately, I only got pictures from the birthday party we went to last night. It was soooo cute! Miss Alexa turned 2 and we celebrated with a tutus and ties party at her beautiful house. Wyatt had a great time, but I think he was a little overwhelmed with all the kids! I'm hoping pre-school in the fall with help him come out of his little shy phase. It was an adorable birthday party. Her mom went all out with the food and decorations!

There definitely wasn't a shortage of adorable cakes!! I loved the tutu and tie theme. She had each child a tutu or tie ready when they came in (including Wy, who refused to wear his tie!)

These adorable cookies were made by the mom's cousin!! I've been wanting to learn how to make these sugar cookies. I plan on making my first attempt this week. We'll see how that goes! I would love to make them for showers and gifts!
Look at this handsome fella! I know he's mine, but I could eat him with a spoon :) Love him to pieces!
Chris, Tanya, and Alexa! What a sweet little family
The birthday girl opening her gifts! She loved this one.
Pretty girl!


Tomorrow's another busy day! Church then more picture taking! I'm so thankful to be so busy, but I'm so looking forward to a little beach getaway in a couple of weeks. I'll be taking pictures there too, but we're squeezing in a couple of vacay days too! It's impossible to stress at the beach, right?!?!?

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