Saturday, April 2, 2011

Summer Sandals

I know this is sooo last year, but I have been obsessed with these sandals since I saw them on the gorgeous Jennifer Aniston last summer! Me being the obsessive shoe person that I am, I immediately sought out to find these adorable sandals. Unfortunately, they were Stuart Weitzman and WAY out of my budget! I wrote them off, but never forgot about how adorable they were :)
Spring forward to last Thursday. The bestie and I decide to get out of the house and do a little "window shopping" at the mall. Honestly, I didn't intend on buying anything until I saw THESE!! What?!?!? Just what I've been looking for!! And, to top it off, they are Kensiegirl and under $50. I had to have them. They are so cute and so practical (at least that is what I kept telling myself as I was convincing myself to buy them). I mean, I can wear them with dresses, jeans or shorts! Perfection :)
I've been on a little spending "freeze" lately, but I couldn't resist. Now if it will just STAY warm so I can start breaking them in!


  1. Glad you back to personal blogging. I love to read about Ava's future husband! Laughing....

  2. PS...Where did you buy the sandals? I think I need a pair!

  3. Belk!! Do y'all have those out there??