Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Boys

First of all, thank you for your sweet words on my previous post. This blog is me and it's real. That's how it is and you get the good, the bad and the ugly! haha.

On a happier note, I'm leaving for the beach in the morning and I'm so excited! Due to a little issue here at the farm, Morgan isn't going to be able to go. I was so bummed about that, but fortunately my bestie stepped in and is going with me! She's bringing Mason, so Wyatt is super excited that he's going to have a buddy along on the trip. He's been asking for 2 days when we were going. I know it's so hard to be a kid and wait for something to get here! It seems like tomorrow will never come. Well, it's almost here and when that little man gets up in the morning we are loading up and heading south!!

Today, we got together with Mason and Christy and did the boys Easter pics! We've done their pics together since they were little babies and it's only right that the tradition continues (not sure how long we can get away with this, it won't be near as cute when they are 16, I'm sure!). Here are some of Wyatt's pics from today and one of the 2 of them together. 2 of the cutest boys there are, in my opinion!


  1. They ARE so cute!! Mason looks just like his mommy!!!
    Love y'all.. miss y'all! Have fun at the beach!!

  2. These are AWESOME! Come and take Ava's! Please? Laughing....