Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What have I gotten myself into?!?!?

Well, I decided to try my hand at decorating sugar cookies. The gorgeous ones at Alexa's birthday party definitely inspired me. Let me just tell you, it is NOT as easy as it appears! I went to the craft isle at Wal-Mart last week to get my necessary supplies. I did find this great recipe here (well, it would be great if I knew what I was doing)!! I decided after reading a few blogs that I didn't have ANYTHING I really needed so I decided to just go all out and buy everything. I really do want to learn how to do them well, so I believe it was a good investment. Fortunately, I had some great cookie cutters I had gotten as a wedding gift, so I didn't have to purchase those.
It started out pretty well, the cookie recipe was really easy to follow and after chilling the dough for a couple of hours, they were very easy to cut out and bake. I thought they turned out pretty good for my first time. I did learn that it's pretty important to keep the dough even so the cookies bake flat and evenly. I'll work on that more next time!
Then came the decorating :/ Oh my, SO MUCH HARDER THAN IT LOOKS!! I can't even begin to tell you how difficult it is!! Between getting the frosting the correct consistency (which I didn't get right), to putting the frosting in the bags, to keeping a steady hand....... wow! I had no idea how to keep it all organized. I'm in desperate need of a cookie coach! Seriously, contact me if you can help! haha

Ok, so please don't make fun of my bunny! haha. Everything else turned out ok (not perfect, of course), but my black frosting was WAY too runny and it didn't turn out great! It's pretty embarrassing, but I'm just being real with ya :)
I guess my favs of the day were the initial cookies. I was really worried about making letters with the icing, but it went better than expected.
Wyatt was so excited about "his" cookie! He recognized the letter W, so he knew that cookie was just for him! Needless to say, it didn't last much longer after this picture was taking. He devoured it! All in all, the cookie making was a success. I guess you have to start somewhere. I can't wait to practice more. I have a shower I'm hosting in June and I'd really like to learn how to make them really pretty by then!
And of course, I couldn't get away with breaking out the camera and not getting a picture of this little guy. He's sick with an ear infection, so he's not been his usual perky self this week.
Yeah, you can't tell, can you?!?!? haha. I could just eat him up!


  1. You cookies are great! I have made a few batches and it is a lot of work and a lot of mess! ha

    Love that crinkle nose smile, my heart melts when Ava does it!

  2. I thought your cookies looked great and delicious too! Glad to see you return to your blog again!


  3. He is so cute! The cookies look wonderful.

  4. They look really good especially for the first time.