Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fun Day!

Today was just another day around the Ellis house.
Just this little guy and I hanging out and playing.

Chewing on pacis like cigars....
Riding around in the truck. Just wishing we had someone else to play with........
When all of the sudden Christy calls and asks us if we can go get Mason from school because she is running late. YIPPEE!!!!
So what do we do?!? Head to town and pick up this little booger!!!
You see, Mason is quite the politician (he loves to shake hands, as demonstrated here)! They had the best time playing in the yard, on the swing, and of course in the rocks!
Wyatt was so happy to have a friend over for the afternoon! I loved it too because Mason's Mommy and Daddy came over for supper afterwards. It is always so nice to spend time with great friends :)
I'm sure these two will be the best of friends for years to come!!

Sweet Friends

Have I mentioned that you are the coolest group of girls EVER!! You always give me that little lift when I need it during the day:) So, for all your comments, I have responses!

You will SO be the first person I call when I make it big! haha. That will never happen, but when you get some "IT" clients make sure to call me so I can come drool over them :)

I'm so upset that I won't be able to make it to Fiddlers this year :( My bro is getting married in Baltimore that weekend. Fayetteville has a bluegrass festival sometime soon though, so maybe I can make it to that one!

It's so fun to learn something new! I'll definitely keep you updated. Hopefully one day (maybe in a couple of years) I'll be good enough to post a video of myself playing!

Cool is hardly the word. I really just a big dork! haha. Thanks for thinking so though :)

I MUST learn that song. My hubby and I always said "Remember When" was our song (so cheesy) I know! That is so neat that your FIL can play it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My new baby!!

For the past few weeks, I've been telling my hubby that I wanted to learn to play the mandolin. I have always wanted to play an instrument, but never took the time to do it. I took voice and piano lessons for about 3 years as a kid, but I never cared too much about the piano. I've always loved string instruments, and especially anything that had to do with bluegrass. It is my absolute favorite style of music. I've thought the mandolin was such a sweet sound for years, but it wasn't until seeing Sonya Isaacs play that I though I could possibly do it. You usually see men playing it, but she is so good (the fact that her voice sounds like angels doesn't hurt much either)!

Anyway, my sweet step-dad has a friend who deals in musical instruments so he called and asked if he ever got mandolins. Well, what do you know?!? He happened to have one! I was so excited. He brought it to my parents for me to look at yesterday, and I fell in love. It was exactly what I wanted (from all my research, I decided I wanted a F-style instead of an A-style). Of course my sweet husband said I could have it. In his words, "I've never seen you start something you didn't finish." That made me so happy. It is nice to know that he has such confidence in me! Lord knows I need it! hehe.

So, not wanting to pay $80 a month for lessons, I looked around today and found some great FREE lessons online! Yep, that's right. I've already learned to play, "She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain." (No big feat, mind you. It's only 3 chords, but it was an accomplishment none the less!) I can't wait to learn more! So, there ya go. This should keep me plenty busy. As if I didn't have enough going on already!

Here's a little video from my inspiration! Hopefully I can post one of me playing one day :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

It's Been a While

If you go to my photography blog:
you can see what I've been up to!!

Sorry ladies! I hope to be back with more this week. It's been crazy around here lately! I'm still reading yours though, so keep up the good work :) It makes my day!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baby Hair

Ever since I quit breast-feeding Wyatt (which has now been over a year and a half), my hair hasn't been the same. It fell out horribly around my hairline, and the texture is COMPLETELY different. At first I blamed it on hormones, but now I'm not sure what to blame it on! Being a hairstylist, I always thought I had a solution for most problems, but not this one. I am just at a dead-end. I'm debating on whether or not to cut it off, but I really don't look good with short hair. I mean, not at all!! Plus, the hubby likes longer hair (of course, since he doesn't have to fix it).

Anyway, I have a hair appointment tomorrow, so I guess I better be making a decision. I haven't colored it in months thinking it would make it stronger, but it hasn't worked so I think I'm going to add a little hilights. That always makes a girl feel better :)

I used Aveda Brilliant Shampoo and Conditioner when I worked in a salon, but quit buying it since I don't get the discount anymore. I'm thinking about buying some again. It was the best shampoo and conditioner I've ever used. It is like $30 for a liter, but at this point I would give $100!

Well, now you know what's on my mind today! How stressful. I completely understand why Brittney shaved her head after having children. She was going through the same thing I am!!! Let's just hope I don't get that desperate!