Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sweet Friends

Have I mentioned that you are the coolest group of girls EVER!! You always give me that little lift when I need it during the day:) So, for all your comments, I have responses!

You will SO be the first person I call when I make it big! haha. That will never happen, but when you get some "IT" clients make sure to call me so I can come drool over them :)

I'm so upset that I won't be able to make it to Fiddlers this year :( My bro is getting married in Baltimore that weekend. Fayetteville has a bluegrass festival sometime soon though, so maybe I can make it to that one!

It's so fun to learn something new! I'll definitely keep you updated. Hopefully one day (maybe in a couple of years) I'll be good enough to post a video of myself playing!

Cool is hardly the word. I really just a big dork! haha. Thanks for thinking so though :)

I MUST learn that song. My hubby and I always said "Remember When" was our song (so cheesy) I know! That is so neat that your FIL can play it.


  1. If I lived near you we could have a "mommy" band... Did you know I'm a drummer? I fiddle with the guitar some too.... I love the mandolin and I love it even more now that you play it.. You will rock it out totally!!!

  2. MOLLY!!! How did I not know you were a drummer?!?! When did you take up the drums? Ahhh...... you are so awesome!