Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tractor in the Field....

not an uncommon site around here, but definitely one we wish we hadn't seen last week. See, my husband planted this field of corn weeks ago. However, due to the enormous amount of rain we have had lately, a few acres were completely flushed and had to be re-planted. Thank goodness the seed was covered by the company, so we didn't have to spend extra money on the crop. I know it was still frustrating for Morgan. He is such a typical farmer, he worries day and night about everything. I hope for his sake we can see a little sunshine!

One thing that has benefited from all this rain is our bermuda hay crop. It looks like we are going to have a wonderful hay season this year. This will be where we spend a lot of our days for the next few months!

I had to get a couple of pics with Wyatt out in the baby corn! He didn't really like me putting him down in it, but I just wanted to see how much it grows. I hope to post pics in a few months and it will be taller than me! Amazing how quickly that stuff grows.

Here's my sweet boy doing what he LOVES! Riding the 4-wheeler with our neighbor, Jeff. They did this all evening the other day while Morgan was re-planting. I'm so blessed to have such great friends who love my little man!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sweet D Family

So, Tuesday I met the sweetest family. They were sent to me by another client (whom I also LOVE). We had so much fun, and their kids are just the cutest! I'm off today to do another session, so I thought I'd share these with ya!

Today was Wyatt's appointment with the ENT. It went GREAT. He says he doesn't see any need to do tubes right now. His right ear had a little fluid on it, but he doesn't think it is anything to worry about. Hopefully he will outgrow it. If the infections come back in the fall, we might have to do tubes then. I'm just praying that won't be the case.

I hope everyone's having a great day. Sorry for the short post, but my child is looking out the door. I think it's time for a little outside time!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A LONG weekend!

Ok, so due to the fact that I purchased a new camera (I took the Kodak back and bought a Casio Elixim), this post has LOTS of pics!

This weekend was so fun! It was really busy, but we had a great time with lots of friends. Friday night, while Wyatt was having his usual date with his Nonni and Poppa, Morgan, myself, and our friends Jeff and Whitney drove over to Florence and ate at Ricatoni's Italian restaurant. It was HEAVENLY! I had their cheese ravioli, and Morgan had a duck and sausage pasta dish. He really liked it, but I'm not a big fan of duck. I think we will definitely have to make the trip again. It was soo good!

Saturday afternoon, I met my Grandmother and my aunt to go to Menopause the Musical. haha. Since, I'm not close to that time in my life yet, I didn't know how I would relate, but it was HILARIOUS!! There were a few times I could feel my cheeks getting red because I was hearing this in front of my sweet Granny, but I was all in good humor! After that, we went to Cracker Barrel to eat the Saturday Special of Chicken and Rice. It was soo good. I really enjoy spending time with them. There is definitely never a boring moment with the women in my family!
* This is a picture of my aunt Rhonda in front of the Menopause van! We weren't allowed to take pictures, but she got on stage at the end of the show. It was so funny. I wish I had a picture of that. It could be used for blackmail!

After the show, I rushed home to get Morgan and Wyatt to head to Brooke's graduation party. She is our neighbor who just finished nursing school. I am so proud of her! She LOVES kids, and has already gotten at job at the Pediatric ER. She and her mom are so sweet to Wyatt, so I was glad we were able to make it.

Wyatt was ALL OVER the place at the party! I really have to keep my eye on him since he is walking now.

This is sweet little Jessi!  She and her family go to our church and Wyatt LOVES her! Poor girl, he weighs about as much as she does :)

He didn't want her to put him down!

OH, and this little cutie is Anna Grace! Her family lives close to us and they are farmers also. Talk about a mess. She is so funny! It had rained yesterday, so she spent the afternoon playing outside with the boys in the mud puddles! She cracked me up.

This morning after church, we went to eat (notice a common theme? we like to eat around here!) at a local restaurant called the Fried Tomato Buffet. Oh goodness, it is as good as it sounds. However, on Sunday, it is so packed you can hardly get your food. We both had to take turns in the line for about 10 minutes just to get our food!

While I was finishing up, Wyatt got a little rowdy, so Morgan took him outside to walk around. Doesn't it always seem Mama's have to eat last! I don't really mind. So, when I came out I snapped these pics of Wyatt. I loved his little outfit this morning, and I'm sure it will be the last time he will be able to wear it. We had to bring it out again since we are having an unusually cold May here. Today I don't think it even broke 60 degrees!

We attempted to have a movie night tonight, but the stinkin' dvd player died on us! I was so upset, I had rented the Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Last Chance Harvey :( Hopefully we can get it fixed, or get a new one before the movies are due back. Anyway, since we couldn't watch the movies, we fixed popcorn and watched t.v. My child LOVES popcorn!! He is so much like his Daddy it is not even funny! It is so sweet to watch him do things with Morgan. It makes my heart melt.

Well, I guess I'll use tomorrow to rest! Monday is our laundry day around here, so I'm sure there won't be anything too interesting to write about. You never know, I might just think of something!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Please pray for the Hinkle and Harbin families tonight. There was an accident tonight that killed two very loved men in our community. 

Andy Hinkle was a new young father. His son is less than a month old. His wife was in the car also, but survived. I can't imagine how difficult this time will be for her.

Mr. Harbin was the father of a young man who attends church with my husband's family. His son, Will, is engaged to be married in July. 

I don't know details of the accident except it was a head-on collision on a rural county road.

This will be one of the hardest things these families ever have to deal with, and I know the only way they will get through it is putting their faith and worries in the hands of the Lord. I pray God shines down Andy's wife, Corie, and baby Price. She will need peace and guidance during this time as she prepares to raise her son alone. I can not imagine her pain.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Miss Ann

Taylor that is, delivered the cutest dress to my door today via the "Great Brown Shorts" aka UPS. I saw this dress on Kelly's Blog the other day. She had worn it to sweet Harper's baby dedication and I thought it was soo cute. She mentioned that she bought it at Ann Taylor loft, so I took a trip by there Monday while I was in town. I was so disappointed, they were sold out! However, the closest location with one in my size was in Jacksonville, FL so what did I do?? You guessed it, I ordered it and she arrived today! I was so excited. I love little surprises in the middle of the day!

As I was in my room taking these pics to post, I realized that today was one of the very few days that my room is actually in order, so I thought I'd share some of these pics with you too. This is on of my favorite places in my house. I love everything about it! I will try to post other house pics soon, but because of my 16 month old, the rest of the house isn't "picture ready"!

*Notice the baby gate? Yeah, that is to keep little man out of the litter box! Believe me, he has tried!

This is my laundry room, it is right down the hall and it was pretty clean, so I thought I'd take a pic of it too. Nothing very extraordinary, just a washer and dryer. It is pretty unusual not to have dirty clothes running out it though!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shopping Day

For those of you who haven't figured it out yet, the majority of our income comes from the chicken farm. It is a hard job for my husband, but we are so blessed to be able to make a living this way. However, since we sell every 49 days (the growing period for our flock) that means the long awaited "chicken check" only comes once every 2 months! Now, for some of you (teachers, etc.) I'm sure that wouldn't be any big deal to spread the budget like that. For me, though, being a former hairstylist, I was used to being paid daily. Without getting too much into all that, this week the "chicken check" came....... hallelujah!! Don't get me wrong, I support our income somewhat with photography and all, but it makes me feel much better to see that TYSON truck roll out of the drive every other month!!

So, off I went today with little man in tow to do some long awaited shopping. I have really been wanting to buy some new spring clothes, but since I'm on Weight Watchers and haven't yet met my goal, I didn't really want to spend a lot. I had to go to the mall to get some Clinique mascara (the only kind I can use), so I stopped in Charlotte Russe. I know what your thinking...... total teenager clothes. I thought that too for the longest time, but if you do some searching they really have some cute clothes. I love the tops I bought, and I think they are very "mom" appropriate! Obviously, I'm in a peachy mood because these are the three tops I bought...... notice a theme?!? haha

While we were out, we stopped in Dillards and bought Wyatt a new pair of Crocs. I know most of you are thinking they probably aren't the best shoes for a toddler who just learned to walk. YEP! You heard me correctly. He is OFFICIALLY walking!! As of last Wednesday. He just took off. Such a burden off my shoulders........ literally....... he is a heavy little guy! Anyway, he LOVES his Crocs and seems to walk just fine in them. The pair he has already are green and camo, but I wanted something a little dressier for church, going to eat, etc. I thought these were too cute. Plus, living on the farm, they are perfect for when he gets out playing in the dirt. I'm love anything  you can just hose off!
My last purchase off the day was this little cutie! I had NO intentions of getting this today, but Wal-Mart had them on sale for $89. You just can't beat that for a camera. Being that I take pictures all the time, I really wanted something I could just throw in my purse and go. It doesn't even compare to my big daddy Canon, but it is pretty good quality for what it is. The lady at the counter assured me that I could bring it back within 30 days if I wasn't satisfied. I am trying not to compare it to my other, since I was just wanting something that could take some decent snapshots. Plus, the COLOR is AMAZING!! I love this turquoise blue...... adorable. Isn't that all that matters anyway!?
Well, it's off to bed. I'm trying to do better about not being a slave to this computer. Although, sometimes a girl just needs a good blog!!


Ok, so while the make-up IS $1 per most items. The company is NOT affiliated with Nordstrom or Bloomingdales! 

Sounds like someone just made all this up to sell their product!

Check out for the real story!

Sorry for the misunderstanding!



Nordstrom is changing the logo on their makeup, so they're selling everything for one dollar on line. The make-up line E.L.F. (eyes-lips-face) has been bought out by Nordstrom and will be re-packaged with the Nordstrom name on it. They are getting rid of the entire make up in the ELF packaging. They are selling everything for $1. You do have to pay shipping. They have everything powder, mascara, lipstick, a mineral line, brushes etc. The website is:

When you check out there is a space for a coupon code. Use CAROLINA and save an additional $7.50 if your order is over $15.00.

I just bought 15 items for $20!!! What a great way to change up colors for spring!! Check it out ladies. Be sure to enter code CAROLINA at check-out. It more than pays for shipping!