Saturday, May 16, 2009


Please pray for the Hinkle and Harbin families tonight. There was an accident tonight that killed two very loved men in our community. 

Andy Hinkle was a new young father. His son is less than a month old. His wife was in the car also, but survived. I can't imagine how difficult this time will be for her.

Mr. Harbin was the father of a young man who attends church with my husband's family. His son, Will, is engaged to be married in July. 

I don't know details of the accident except it was a head-on collision on a rural county road.

This will be one of the hardest things these families ever have to deal with, and I know the only way they will get through it is putting their faith and worries in the hands of the Lord. I pray God shines down Andy's wife, Corie, and baby Price. She will need peace and guidance during this time as she prepares to raise her son alone. I can not imagine her pain.


  1. These families and your community are in my prayers. I work for 911 in my town and these are the hardest calls for me to do deal with sometimes. Every time I get a call, I just start praying instantly for whoever is on the other line.

  2. wow, I will be praying. How hard I cannot even imagine

  3. Oh it is just terrible. We go to church with the Harbin's.

  4. I know it is awful Leanne. I didn't personally know either of them, but I know it has hurt so many people. Morgan's mom and dad go to church at Marion St with Will's fiance. I heard they are supposed to get married in July. I can't imagine what either of the families are going through.

  5. Praying for your community and these familes! So sorry to hear this.

  6. i'm wordless. i'm soooo sorry for all the people who's hearts are heavy.
    i will say lots of prayers.
    thanks for letting us know!