Wednesday, April 6, 2011

All About Wyatt

Ok, so I'm stealing this idea from my sweet friend, Molly!


Here are some of Wyatt's favs lately!
Color- Green or Blue (Ba-loo, as he calls it)

Food- Thankfully he's not a picky eater, but his favorite is still spaghetti! That works well for me because it's so easy to cook! He also loves: pop corn, wrinkle chips (Ruffles), ice cream, corn on the cob, and Krystle burgers :)

Candy: m&ms, lappy tappy (laffy taffy), and gum (he's just now getting old enough to get it every once and awhile and he thinks he's so big!)

Toys: Definitely his ride-on John Deere tractor that PawPaw gave him for Christmas!

Clothes: Loving his Crocs right now, must mean spring is here!

To-Do: Play his guitar, Ride his tractor, Sing ANYTHING!, Play outside in the mud (such a boy!), help me cook

Movies: Where the Red Fern Grows (probably his fav right now), Wizard of Oz, Charlotte's Web, Thomas, Second Hand Lions, Up

Shows: Swamp People..... no, I'm not kidding!

Books: Anything Dr. Seuss and the Farmer's Exchange :)

Song: He loves so many. I think his favorite singer, however, is Alan Jackson. We were riding down the road the other day when a song came on, I didn't even think he knew. He said, "Hey Mama, this is Alan Jackson. Yeah, he's my favorite!" haha. I about died. Thankfully Morgan was with me. He thought it was hilarious too!

Words/Phrases: "I love you Mama/Daddy/or whoever else is around" (all the time lately!), Be sweet to me, Mama (when he thinks he's about to get in trouble), I've just been workin' (when you ask what he's been doing). Really, he talks all the time and very well so it's just like having a conversation with an adult! He cracks me up all the time!

On another note: Wyatt had to go to the dr yesterday for an ear infection. While we were there, I asked the nurse to measure him and weigh him. The doctor had been concerned at his 3 year appointment that he hadn't grown much. Well, let me tell you! That boy of mine has grown a whole inch and gained 3 lbs in 2 months! I don't think we have to worry anymore :)
I love my little guy and I'm so glad to be his Mama!


  1. He is such a sweet boy & oh-so lucky to have you as his Mommy - you two are so precious together!

    Now, we are definitely going to have to enjoy a sack of Krystal's together soon!

  2. SOOOOOOOOOOO glad you are back!!! Love the cookies! I think you're a natural.. coming from someone who knows how hard it can be!!

    Also.. Anna and Wyatt would make the cutest couple ever.. ha!!

  3. We went to the pediatrician today, too, and now we have another one with an ear infection. It's neverending! Awesome news on the weight gain!!!