Thursday, June 11, 2009

They Call him the Streak!

Yesterday we had a great time with Molly and her sweet baby girl Anna (Wyatt's future wife) at the Atlanta Bread Co. It was so nice to sit and catch up, and let the little one's meet. I guess with everything going on, I completely forgot to take any pics while we were there. Remember now, I had my camera and everything in the bag! Ugh. I was so mad when I realized what I had done. Anyway, Molly took a couple, so I might have to steal hers when she posts them!

Anyway, after lunch, I took Wyatt by my Mom's office to see her for a little bit before heading home. He LOVES going to see his Nonni!! He loves to go out in the shop and drive the "Vroom, Vroom" (fork-lift.......not literally, we just let him sit on it and hold the steering wheel). While we were there, the bottom fell out of the sky and a huge storm came through. Needless to say, it was getting close to nap time so we had to get out in that mess and drive home. It all worked out ok, just a little frizzy hair!

Today was such a great day! More rain was expected, so Morgan spent the day with us. This doesn't happen much, but around here, rain means "family time" since not much farming can be done! We were pretty bored just sitting around the house, so we headed north to Pulaski, TN. It is a small little town, so I thought we might could find a cute little diner, or something to get into. Well, we didn't!! After driving around for about 30 minutes, my growling stomach got the best of me and we just decided to go to Legend's and eat. It's a good place to eat, and Wyatt had a great time flirting with the waitresses...... this happens most places, my little man LOVES the ladies!!

When we got back home Wyatt and I took a good nap, and when we woke up the weather was gorgeous! We headed outside and played for a while. The rain had filled up Wyatt's kiddie pool, so he decided he would go in- CLOTHES and all! I stripped him down to just a diaper, but then realized that wasn't really working when it started sagging down to his knees from all of the water. What's a girl to do? "Let him skinny dip", Morgan says. So, that's just what he did. And might I add, he had a BLAST!!

We are going to have to have a talk about this when he gets older. He has to know this isn't appropriate for anyone over the age of 3!! haha


  1. Those pictures are adorable!!! He is too cute!!!

  2. He is SOOOOOOO stinking cute!! I love it! You should probably keep a copy of those photos on file in case you need to use them for blackmail purposes when he goes through his teen years! :)

  3. ahhhhhhhh... I love the skinny dipping pictures..ha!
    I'm finally going to post some pictures today.. including the totally adorable one of you and anna and that sweet wyatt!!!