Sunday, June 21, 2009

Post full of pictures!

So, since my internet was down for a few days recently, I have quite a few pics to share. I definitely narrowed it down, because it would've taken FOREVER to upload all of them.

Wyatt's 1st Haircut
Last week, my sweet baby got his first haircut by none other than is Mama! I have a little shop at my house, but I didn't have a child's drape, or a booster. We decided it would be best if we went to my friend, Whitney's salon and did it there. It worked out well because the girls kept him entertained. I wasn't too sure how he would do, but with a bottle of water, I think we could've kept him there all day! He was perfect, and his little hair looks so much better.

My Family Reunion (Dad's side)
Last Saturday we had a family reunion on my Dad's side of the family. It was so fun to meet up with all of my distant relatives, and especially fun since many of them hadn't met Wyatt before. We had lots of fun. It was a beautiful day, with lots of good food!

Birthday Club
Monday was our first official meeting of the "birthday club". My friend Christy came up with this great idea to get all us girls together once a month to celebrate each other's birthdays. Well, this month, we didn't have any birthdays, but we got together anyway for a little girls night out! It was lots of fun. We ate at a nice little mexican restaurant in Athens. It was great until the tornados came through. Fortunately, it didn't hit near us, but they were all around. Gotta love Alabama weather!

RC Cola and Moonpie Festival Bell Buckle, TN
Ok, so me, my aunts, and my grandmother get together a few times a year and go to our favorite little town of Bell Buckle, TN. If you haven't been, and you like good food, boutiques, and antiques, you must visit! It is so much fun. This past weekend, they were having their annual RC cola and Moonpie festival. It was so much fun. Hot as a firecracker, but fun. We had the best time, and actually were able to talk my 15 year old cousin into going. She is usually too cool for us, but she was such a trooper. I totally understand that age, I remember it so well. It wasn't the greatest thing in the world to spend time with family. I'm glad she came, she is such a good girl.

While we were there, I found some really cool things.
1. A vintage grain sack (I'm collecting them for a neat art project)
2. A cute painting of a little cowboy for Wyatt's room
3. A really neat 3 strand pearl necklace
4. And my favorite of all, a birdhouse made out of salvaged lumber and metal tiles. It is so beautiful. It looks like an old church. I already found a place for it on my mantel!


  1. Looks like y'all have had a busy and fun week. Wyatt is such a cutie. I love Bell Buckle. We haven't been in several years but it is a neat little town.

  2. Loved all the pics!

    I love your dress in the haircut pics, where did u get it? You always look so cute!

    Have a great week! ;-)

  3. Great pics! I was actually going to go to the Moon Pie festival, but my husband and I ended up going to Missouri to visit family. How funny if I had gone and ran into you!