Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Found It!!

The dress I will be wearing to my brother's wedding in October!!
*Thinking about putting a cute chunky belt around it (yes, I'm taking cues from Jillian)...... we'll see :)

I'm super stoked about the whole thing. Not only have I never been to Maryland before, I have a feeling this is going to be a really FUN wedding. Considering my bro and his fiance' are HILARIOUS. They truly are a great match!

So, anyway, I wanted to be swanky for the occasion considering I am a MOM but I don't have to look like one! I found this super cute dress at Ann Taylor online. It was on sale for $59! What a steal. Usually I wouldn't pay that much for an everyday dress, but you can't beat that for a wedding. Anyway, they were sold out of my size online, but I called my local store and they had my size there. So thrilled! Since the closest Ann Taylor is like 10 minutes from my parent's, I sent my mom to pick it up tonight. Her exact words, "Well, honey, it's bold, but I guess it's modest." haha. I LOVE it! She is so funny. 

The colors of the wedding are navy and periwinkle. Of course, not wanting to stick out like a sore thumb, I wanted to get something that would flow with the other colors. I'm sure pictures will be made, and I refuse to not coordinate in some way. So, here I go, in my BOLD dress! Look out Baltimore, here I come. This baby totin', southern talkin', country music listenin', purple dress wearin' girl is on the way!!


  1. Love it! Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft are my favorite stores!

    You will be look Awesome! ;-)

  2. Ahhh!! I love that dress!! I'm totally checking online to see if they have my size right now! :) I don't think it's bold at all...but then again, you should see some of the stuff that I wear!! :) It will look GREAT on you!! Isn't finding the perfect dress the greatest feeling in the world?!

  3. Cute dress.. It is not too bold.

  4. You are hilarious.. I think Maryland will be lucky to have a baby totin', southern talkin', country music listenin' purple dress wearin' girl as cute and fun as YOU!!
    I love the dress too. It looks just like you. You'll look perfect for the wedding!

  5. I love it!! You will look great!

  6. So pretty! We're ready for you but are you ready for us?? You might not want to leave once you taste a real Maryland crabcake.