Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

I am so blessed to be married to the greatest father I have ever known. I'm aware that he is my husband, and I am supposed to think that, but I'm pretty sure he is the greatest ever. Morgan can be quite a shy man, but when it comes to his family and his son, he would stand up to a giant. He loves our boy more than I believe he ever thought he would, and it amazes me everyday to see them together.

Some of the reasons I love him so:
1. He is the leader of our home.
2. He puts us before anything else.
3. He works hard to provide for us.
4. He would rather spend his time with Wyatt and me than do anything else.
5. He is caring.
6. He loves elders, and learns from them.
7. He doesn't like nonsense, nor care to be around people that are full of it.
8. He gets up with Wyatt every morning and lets me sleep (this alone could keep me happy for many years!)
9. Wyatt squeals everytime he hears the 4-wheeler because that means "Daddy's home".
10. He shares the same dreams for our future.
11. He is so good lookin'!
12. He says I need a daughter, so we have to have another child (I know this is out of our hands, but he says we can always try)
13. Everyone respects him.
14. If he says he is going to do something, you can bank on it.
15. He is NOT a procrastinator, unlike me, who puts things off until the last minute.
16. He is my perfect balance.
17. He doesn't care about the frilly things in life, but knows I do, so he lets me do them.
18. My parents LOVE him.
19. He watches chick-flicks with me..... and secretly likes them!
20. He believes in me.

This list could go on forever because there are so many things I love about him, but these are just a few. It is so important to love and respect your spouse. I think without a healthy marriage, you can't raise a healthy child. I hope Wyatt understands how much his parents love each other. His Daddy is a great man, so I know he will be a good example for Wyatt. 


  1. Wow...that is quite the list. You are a very lucky family. Thanks for sharing him with everyone!!!

  2. You are truly blessed! i hope you enjoyed a wonderful father's day together!