Wednesday, June 17, 2009

At long last

I have literally been going crazy since Saturday. Why you ask? Well, due to the massive storms that came through late Friday night, we have been without internet service for 5 days now! I have been about to go out of my mind. Seriously. 

I never realized how much I rely on this piece of technology to get me through life. This was how it went:

1. Wyatt's first haircut Friday....... couldn't post pics, no internet.
2. Family reunion on Saturday.......couldn't post pics, no internet.
3. Wyatt's check-up Monday....... couldn't write about it, no internet.
4. Our 1st official "birthday club" dinner...... couldn't post pics, or write about it, no internet.
5. Needed to book vacation reservations...... couldn't, no internet.
6. Needed to order prints for a client....... couldn't, no internet.
7. Needed to set up proofs for a client...... couldn't, no internet.

As you can tell, this could go on forever, but hallelujah, it's back on!! Needless to say, I'm not particularly thrilled with our internet provider, but right now I'm so happy, nothing could get me down :)


  1. Post all the pics anyway...would love to see them! Hope all is well with ya girl!

  2. I can't even imagine being without the internet for more than a couple of hours!

  3. I am such a computer junkie. I would be having major withdrawal without it. So I feel your pain. So glad it back and up and running. Have a great day.