Thursday, July 16, 2009

What a fun day!

This morning started out not so fun. I had to go get blood work done. But after that, it was great! The hubby, Wyatt, and myself went to Cracker Barrel and had brunch afterward (since I couldn't eat anything beforehand). That is one of my favorite places! I'm telling you, I could live off of grits and biscuits...... which could all change soon, so I better eat them while I can! Our next stop was the drugstore to buy a BP cuff so I could test myself at home. Which, I'm happy to report, was back to normal today! What a great start to the day :) 

This afternoon I went downtown to do a Senior session for one of the sweetest girls on the planet! She is just a doll. I have known her family for a while now. They were hair clients of mine. Actually, her mother was one of my first clients, and she has stayed with me for all this time! They are a great family, and I'm glad they wanted me to do Alexis' pictures for her. She is beautiful. You can check out her sneak peaks at:

Well, off to bed now. I've got more pictures to take tomorrow. Must have plenty of rest so I can be on top of my game :)

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  1. Those pictures are great!! I wish we lived closer so you could do some of Brody!! Glad your BP was down!!