Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's only Saturday???

We've had so much fun the past two days, it is hard to believe we still have one more day in the weekend!

Yesterday, our little family headed down to Albertville to pick up a piece of equipment Morgan had ordered. It was a nice trip, and Wyatt did GREAT. He was so good on the way down. We stopped and grabbed b'fast at Bojangles (if you've never had their Chicken biscuits, I really feel sorry for ya), and he was good to go. About 30 minutes before we go there, he passed out on us but he was WIDE awake when we stopped the truck. The nice man Morgan was dealing with didn't have everything ready, so Wyatt played around on his tractors while they finished up. That was heaven to him! You would think, living on a farm, he would get tired of tractors and such. Hardly. He LOVES anything and everything that goes "Vroom"! When we got back home, we hung out for a bit, then got ready to go to Huntsville. We met up with our friends, Jeff and Whit, and then took Wyatt to his Nonni and Papa's house for his usual "Friday Night Date" with them! From there, we headed off to eat at Grill 29 in Providence. This was our first trip there, and it was soooo good! Morgan had the Cajun Shrimp Alfredo and I had their Crab Cakes and Grits. Oh, it was DIVINE! You can't go wrong with grits on ANYTHING! Jeff and Whitney were also pleased with theirs too.

This morning when I got up, Morgan had left to go to his mom and dad's to take care of their grass, and cut up a tree that had fallen. They've been in Hawaii, so he's been keeping an eye on everything there. I'm glad they live so close, so he can help out when he needs to. I was wanting to go do some "junkin'", but it kind of looked like rain, so I held off on the yard sales. I decided I would go get Mama and Wyatt, and we could go do some shopping together! Our first stop was the thrift store. I found two cute Gap shirts, and they CUTEST little dress. I can't wait to get them all washed up and wear them. I'm a true believer that 'One man's trash is another man's treasure'! The best find of the day was Mama's Banana Republic top. Oh, I spotted it a mile away. It has the cutest safari print on it, so I thought she just had to have it (since she is a little bitty size 4, and it would fit her. However, she does know if I ever get that small, I'm reclaiming it!). We paid and got to the car when we realized it was brand new and still had the tags on it!! That was a true find for $4. After we left there, we headed to Zaxby's for lunch. We decided to try their new Chicken Parmesan sandwich. It was wonderful, but I know it was probably a zillion points (which is why I had cereal for supper:). After leaving there, I ran into Toys R Us to look for a prop for a photo session I'm doing Monday. Mama stayed in the car with Wyatt since I was just running in, and when I got out he was passed out! We drove over to Home Depot for Mama and I sat with him while she ran in. From there, we decided it would be best to call it a day. It was still fun even though it wasn't a very long trip! When Wyatt and I got home, we hung out with Morgan outside while he trimmed the flower beds. After playing for a while and feeding Wyatt supper, he was off to bed. It was a long day for my little fella!

Sounds like a pretty full weekend, huh? Well, that's not the half of it! Tomorrow, after church, I'm heading to Tennessee to a friend's baby shower at 2, and then have to come back to Athens for a birthday party for Natalie at 4! I won't be able to stay at the shower long, but I want try to go for a while anyway. I'm so excited about the b'day party. Natalie is my friend's daughter I bought the adorable Matilda Jane dress for. I FINALLY get to give it to her!! I will try to make her model for me and get some pics to share.

Well, off to bed all. Gotta get my beauty rest......... it takes a lot!


  1. such a great picture of you two! have fun at the birthday party and baby shower tomorrow :)

  2. You have the most adorable style I have ever seen! I always love your outfits and the dresses that you have posted. Hope you have a great time at the shower and party tomorrow, be careful with all of the driving!

  3. You look beautiful in that picture! Glad you had a great weekend!

  4. I love your top. You always have the cutest clothes. Where do you shop?