Monday, July 6, 2009

Our 4th of July festivities!

Our 4th of July weekend was awesome. There is not many other holidays where you can just be with the ones you love, and celebrate for the right reasons. I get so frustrated with "gift" holidays, and all the pressure it puts on us. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, but i just wish it could be more about the reason we celebrate, and less about the gift.

Anyway, this 4th was no different. It was such a relaxing day. I loved being with my parents, Grandaddy, the Hubby, and Little man.
Of course I shared our menu in my earlier post, but
here are a few pictures I took during the course of the day.

This little monkey decided he didn't want to eat what we were having. Instead, he munched on
Cheezy Puffs. That is, until he discovered corn on the cob!
It was such a pleasant day, we decided to have lunch on the patio. The food was GREAT, and the weather made it that much better!
This is Wyatt's Papa (my step-dad). Wyatt thinks he hung the moon!
Here is the main event! Wyatt and his corn. He wasn't satisfied with me holding it for him, so he proceeded to take it away and go to town!
The little things in life that make us so happy!
Oh my, my Mama's pie! It was HEAVENLY. No ya'll, really, it is one of the best things ever made on this earth!
After supper, Wyatt hung out in the yard and played. 
My sweet Grandaddy! Ain't he cute!? He turned 89 in February, and he is still sharp as a tack. I hope I am in half as good of shape at that age! 
Nonni, Wyatt and the popsicle! He loves these things. I think it's un-American to grow up without eating frozen Kool-Aid out of a bag (basically that's all it is)!
He finally mastered the art of jumping on the trampoline! Well, sort of. He gets going, and then falls down and laughs :)
The high school in town puts on a fireworks show every year. I LOVE it! It is so small-town. Everyone comes out to watch. The parking lots, and road-sides are packed with families waiting to see the big show. This year, we waited for 2 hours. Finally, we decided we needed to go home. It was WAY past Wyatt's bedtime, and Nonni, Papa, and Grandaddy had to head back to Huntsville.

Wouldn't you know, as we were leaving, they started! Morgan, Wyatt, and I pulled over at the local park and watched for a while. It was so pretty, and a great end to a great day!


  1. OMG...loved the pics with the corn! PERFECT!
    Looks like you guys had a great time!
    Have a great week!

  2. It's official -- you have the cutest little boy ever! :) If you guys make a trip to Nashville any time soon, definitely let me know -- I'd love to meet little Mr. Handsome in person, and, of course, see you!! It's been waay too long!! Looks like you guys had soo much fun on the Fourth. I just love reading about you and your oh so adorable family

  3. Sounds like a great 4th of July. Your little guy is too cute. I love the pics of him eating his corn on the cob. Precious!

  4. I love the pics of your boy with the corn on the cob!!! Glad you had a great 4th, pics are so cute!