Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Am I the only one who has TONS of pics on my computer, but never gets them developed?! I'm trying to come up with a better solution for this little problem. So, for all my scrapbooking friends, I need advice! How do you organize your pics? I want so desperately to keep up with every part of Wyatt's life, so I really need to get this under control!

Baby Washer
Morgan unloaded the dishwasher the other morning, and when I came in the kitchen this is what I found :) My child is a hoot!

Walkin' in High Corn
Remember that baby corn from the previous post? Well, it's taken off! If we can get a few more rains, it looks like it is going to make a great crop.

My Little Indian
When we got back from our camping trip, Morgan set up the tent to let it dry out so it wouldn't mildew. Well, Wyatt LOVED it! This has put me on the hunt for a little play Tee-Pee for him. I think he liked hiding from us!

Pediatrician Appointment
I snapped this pic in the doctor's office the other day. He wouldn't look at me because he was too busy playing with a toy he found in the room. This is probably one of my favorite outfits he has. It has little vintage planes on it! So cute.
Steamer Trunk
Last but DEFINITELY not least! My sweet aunt gave me this antique steamer trunk sunday. Oh, I'm in love! It is so cool. She suggested I get it refinished, but I love it just the way it is (minus the mothball smell). It is still stamped and dated from the 1800s. Inside was a surprise also. My grandfather's old sleeping bag from when he was a kid. I never got to meet that grandfather, so it is really special to me.


  1. I never get my photos developed either! I have heard that you can go to snapfish and make a book with all the photos you want and pick a layout, comments by the photos, etc. It looks like a virtual scrapbook page and then you just pay and they make the book and mail it to you. They look very professional and they are not too costly. One of my coworkers got one and it was great!

  2. I loooove all these photos Girl! Your little man looks just like your big man. You lucky girl!!

  3. Those are the cutest pajamas Wyatt has on (in the dishwasher).. he's definitely a hoot. I think he will be a good son in law.. :)

    I send my pictures off to shutterfly and get like 200 developed at a time. Unfortunately I'm not to good at this either!

  4. I take tons of pictures too. I use Shutterfly to develop my pics. They look pretty good and a lot better than other places that I have used. I've also made several scrapbooks using it. It is very simple and easy to use. They also give lots of discounts and free stuff.

  5. I agree with Jennifer's post. There is also a website called I am currently working my wedding album. A girl I worked with made one and it was great! You can even add captions and have a personalized cover. You download their software to your computer and can create the book offline. Pretty cool!