Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Horse of Course

When I was a little girl, I toted around a pink blankie EVERYWHERE. Oh, who am I kidding, anyone that knows me knows I STILL have that thing. No, I don't sleep with it anymore, but it is still a precious part of my childhood. I don't even know where I got it, but my mom swears it used to be pink with a satin trim around it. Well, you would never know that now, considering it is more of a faint beige color with ragged edges. It was truly my "comfort" blanket.

Well, when I was pregnant with Wyatt, one of my sweet clients bought him a horse blankie. Little did I know, that would become his best friend. He does nothing without it! I was so worried that I would lose it, I even bought 3 more. I had planned on putting those away for emergencies, but he found them in his closet. So guess what?! He loves them all!

So much, in fact, this is what he does while one is in the wash....... 
waits patiently for it to get its "bath"! He is so sweet!
At last they are reunited!

And there isn't a happier boy around!
Every little cowboy needs a horse of course :)


  1. Too precious. I love how he waits patiently for his blanket. What a cutie!

  2. So, I am pretty much going to have to know where you got those so I can stock up in advance (WAY in advance)...

    Too cute!

  3. I just saw your comment - I didn't realize you were so close to Huntsville. The shopping center is beautiful. I wish we had something like that in Nashville. I just wish the weather had been a little nicer. I don't think I could have passed up a paddle boat ride!

    If I'm back down that way, I'll definitely let you know. It would be so fun to grab lunch and meet a new blog friend!

    Take Care,