Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Recent Pics

Because I'm so bad at posting pics, I thought I'd share a few I've taken lately. Being that I love photography, you would think I would have tons of pics of my peeps, and I do, I just never have time to upload them to the computer. I've really got to do better at that!

1. The 2 most handsome men in the world! Both of my guys. I love this picture because it is so them. Wyatt is totally dirty, and Morgan well, he is too! Every afternoon when Morgan comes in from the farm, these two just eat each other up. I never knew how Morgan would be as a father, but I couldn't have picked a better on for Wyatt. Wyatt loves him to death! He hears him coming in the door and screams, "DAA-DAA"! It melts my heart :)

*yes, his shirt says,'This is how I roll' with a tractor tire! Don't ya love it?!
2. This is my absolute Best Friend in the entire world. She and I have been attached at the hip since we were 5, and I don't think that will ever change. We've definitely been through a lot together and I wouldn't change anything. She met her hubby through mine, our boys are 6 wks apart, and we live 5 minutes from one another. It is pure perfection! We took Mason (her son) to Nashville shopping last weekend and I snapped this on the carousel. 

*If you are wondering where Wyatt was, he spent the day with his daddy that day. Mason is a much better shopping buddy than Wyatt! Wyatt can last for a Wal-Mart run, but that's about it. Mason was a great sport that day though.
3. This adorable little girl is my friend Wendi's little one, Natalie. Wendi's hubby and Morgan are best friends. When Morgan and I first started dating, Natalie was 3 months old and I have loved her from the first time I met her! She has got the sweetest heart of any 5 year old you will ever meet. She has a little brother now and we love him too. They are so special to me and Morgan.


  1. I love seeing pics of your little guy.
    Thanks for sharing.
    PS. love the morning smile from your other post. Just TOOOOO cute :)

  2. Your little guy is adorable! Thanks for stopping by my page! I am still trying to figure out this whole blogging thing. It's fun to see and keep up with everyone though!
    Your pictures are also great!!
    And yes, Spring is coming...but not soon enough!