Monday, February 9, 2009

Perfect Day :)

So for any of you fellow bloggers living in North Alabama you all must agree that this is the most beautiful day we have had in FoReVeR!! For those of you who don't live here, let me just tell you it is gorgeous :)

Today started out so great. My sweet hubby didn't have to drive a school bus this morning (our insurance gig) so he was here to take care of little man and let me sleep until 8 o'clock. Which, by the way, was much needed since I stayed up until 1 this morning installing my new printer. I tell ya, there just aren't enough hours in the day! Anyway, it was so pretty when I finally got up and moving we decided to take Wyatt outside and enjoy the weather for a while. It was so perfect. We have new family of geese that have taken over our pond, so we watched them swim around a while. Then, we pushed Wyatt in his little swing and jumped on our new trampoline (courtesy of my dad who thought Wyatt needed one for Christmas. I mean, what 1 year old doesn't have a trampoline?)! He really does LOVE it. Of course, we are very cautious when Wyatt is on, but when it's just Morgan and I we tend to double bounce and see who can knock the other down......such children, I know!

Around 12 we came in and had lunch, prepared tax stuff (only bad part of my day so far), and just hung out as a little family. It was so great! I LOVE days like this. I had fully intended on going to my spinning class at 4:30, but little guy has passed out on my, so I guess I'll just be skipping that today. I really do enjoy it, but nothing beats being here with my two favorite guys in the world!

P.S. My plans for the rest of the evening include "the Bachelor" and cooking supper.....doesn't get much better than that!!!!! Tune in girls, he visits their hometowns tonight!

Please feel free to quick viewing at this point. My friend Molly is trying to teach me how to enlarge my pics so this is just an experiment! Old picture, but like I said, just an experiment!
Chicken Little

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day! I am definitely loving this warm weather. Savannah has been warm and nice, just like springtime!