Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Little Ham

Seriously, this is how Wyatt is 99.9% of the time! He is such a ham. Now due to his mother's extraordinary personality, and his father's charm, it really doesn't surprise me but I'm afraid I am raising a comedian :) In all honesty though, this kid cracks me up daily.

The above picture is an honest depiction of how he is when he wakes up. All smiles! It is wonderful. Hardly ever does he cry to be picked up. Most of the time he just starts talking and you know he is ready to get up. I am so glad that the good Lord blessed me with such a happy baby.

My friends all joke that my next one is going to be awful, but I think kids adapt to the environment they are raised in. I hope that we always have loving, happy home to influence our children. I know that is the way it is supposed to be and it saddens me to think of the way some children grow up. I have a whole new outlook on parenting. I don't understand how any parent cannot want the absolute best for their children and put them completely first in every decision they make. I'm not the perfect parent by any means, but I do want my child to know that I love him more than anything in the world and nothing will stop my from doing what I think is absolutely best for my family.

*Wow, didn't mean to get all sentimental, it just came out for some reason! I must step down from the soap-box sometimes :)

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  1. He is adorable. Keeping Jesus FIRST makes a great envoirment to raise your children.