Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fireproof Your Marriage

Morgan and I finally had the opportunity to sit down and watch Fireproof tonight, and let me tell you, what a blessing it was. I'm sure most of you have heard of this movie before, but I would suggest everyone see it. It perfectly portrays a godly marriage, and more importantly how to be a godly spouse. I think not only does it benefit married couples, but also single people. It makes you understand what is so important to look for in a partner.

I am definitely not perfect in any way, but I hope that this is a wake-up call for both of us. I think we have a strong marriage, but it is a constant work-in-progress. It is so easy to get caught up in other things and put your spouse on the back-burner. It seems just when you get comfortable is when things fall apart. It takes work and keeping it alive should be a priority daily.

I love the part where she asks what day he is on and he says 43. There is only 40 days of the dare, but he started over after the first 40 days. That speaks volumes to me. You should never stop trying to win over your husband/wife. Always let them know that nothing is more important than your marriage, other than your relationship with God.


  1. Thanks...I will have to get the movie on Netflix!

  2. I can't wait to see this movie. It is on it's way to my house via Netflix as I type. I really hope my husband is open to this. I asked him if he would watch it with me. He said yes. Although, I'm not sure if he know the meaning behind it.
    I'm happy you walked away with lots of food for thought. Looking forward to getting my plate of food!
    PS. I just love your blog...just darling~

  3. i have seen a couple friends put other things way ahead of their relationship with their hubby & i think how painful that will be for them if they don't change --quickly.
    thanks for the tip on the movie. we were going to go see it at the theatre and never did--great friday night rental indeed


  4. I just watched this movie today! It was a tiny bit cheesy -- but a great message overall! So rare to see a movie that teaches such great Christian values.

  5. see if this post will help with making the pictures bigger

    hopefully i wasn't clear as mud. did u figure the "links" out?

  6. I am so with you...this was an awesome movie! I have been doing the love dare book on my husband and we have been happily married for 24 years now. I didn't think it was possible to have it get any better yet it did and still is. I was telling a girlfriend the other day that this book is like the laundry, when it is done you just start all over again and keep on never ends. I have been giving The Love dare book as wedding gifts. Whats really cool is when I ordered this on Netflix it was a long, long, long wait they said...I was like Praise God. We ended up buying it and the book.