Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun!

This past week has been quite busy to say the least! I've been going wild trying to finish up editing pictures and get things ready for Thanksgiving. Somehow we pulled it all off without a hitch!

Wednesday, my bf's little guy came over and spent the day with us. His daycare was closed that day, so we were so excited for him to come over and play! It really is nice having a little buddy to keep Wyatt entertained.
Wyatt was so funny all day! He wanted Mason to do everything he wanted to do. Mason, of course, is used to being in a class with other kids so he just wanted to be left alone! I'm sure he was glad to get away from us :)
He really was so good all day! It is so funny how different they are, but they play so well together.
Thursday, we had 2 places to go for Thanksgiving meals. First, we went to my Granny's for lunch. I didn't take any pics there. For supper we went to my Mom & Step-dad's house. We got to spend lots of time with my sweet grandaddy! He is William Conley, which is where we got Wyatt's middle name. He looks pretty good for 88, huh?!?
Wyatt LOVED Nonni's wonderful meal! She had all of our favs, including Wyatt's: mac and cheese!!
Trying so hard to get it on the fork!
Using your fingers is so much easier!
My Mama's dogs (AKA my animal siblings) were waiting patiently for any little tidbits to fall on the floor! They stayed close to Wyatt...... smart dogs!
Mama in the kitchen. She could be the next Paula Deen! This woman can cook. I'm so thankful that she passed that love down to me! I call her at least 2 times a month for one of her recipes. Morgan sure loves them too! It's true that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach :)
The thing we are most Thankful for this year is this little guy! He is our pride and joy, and I'm thankful EVERYDAY that the Lord chose us to be his parents!


  1. That last picture of your baby is precious! He is so stinking cute, a little model!

  2. So fun. He's just too cute. I look forward to the days of playdates!