Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Santa's been shopping!

And look what he bought!
Some friends of ours have this for their little guy, and Wyatt just LOVED it. Morgan decided he needed it for Christmas this year, so yesterday he went and bought it. I can't wait to see Wyatt's eyes light up on Christmas morning. He will be so excited!

On another note, I'm looking for some ideas for gifts this year.
Here are a few I can't decide on:
My Brother- age 28
My Sis-in-law- age 28
My Mother-in-law

Any suggestions?!?


  1. My nephews have one of these and they love it!!!

    I bet Wyatt will be soo excitied!!!

  2. Ooohhh gosh, I remember the Christmas I got my Barbie Jeep - such a childhood moment to cherish! He will be THRILLED!

    So, my favorite gift for ladies right now is Dogeared Jewelry... I gave my sister a necklace for graduation and she wears it constantly and ALWAYS gets compliments on it...

  3. My nephew is getting one for his birthday at the end of the month! We all put money in...
    He will love it!

  4. Charli Beth has a gator and LOVES it! It has been a huge hit around our house since last Christmas! Great pick!

  5. My brother just got married too and I'm getting my new sister in law a self inking stamp with their new address on it.. I'll probably get her a few other things too... I'll let you know what I think of for the boys.. sicne J will probably like what they like =)