Monday, November 2, 2009

Cowboy Boots and Monkey Suits

I took these pictures of little man last week. He was having such a good time running around in his shirt, diaper and cowboys boots!

Eating pickles, his favorite snack! Well, besides lemons. Don't ask. He loves them. I cringe when he eats them!
Can you say, "My Mama puts the camera in my face way too much!"?
Little ham! *Yes, that's a beach bag and floatie you see behind him. I'm trying to clean out closets. Not getting much done!
Rolling his truck on the couch. He could do this for hours!
And then came Halloween! Well, needless to say he didn't like his costume at first. More than that, he HATED it! I thought he made the cutest monkey though :)

Morgan and I were talking about the whole "costume" thing. It really is pretty mean, but he won't remember it and it will be so cute to look at when he's older!!
On our way to the first stop! The tears dried up and we were good to go :)
"So what's up? You know where I can get some more candy?!?" haha.....

We had such a great time Saturday night. We made a couple stops and then when over to some friends so the kids could hang out and play. It was so fun! I'll try to steal some of her pics and post more later. For some reason I was HORRIBLE at taking pictures this Halloween! Partly because I left my camera in the truck while we were there. Oh well, maybe next year I'll do better!
The last picture I took of the day (pathetic right?). This is our neighbors new calf. It's daddy is also it's brother..........long story, so wrong.


  1. I love the pictures of him in his little polo and boots, just adorable!! What an adorable littl monkey he was!!

  2. hii:) my first time in your blog but i absolutely loved seeing the pictures and the posts..glad m following

  3. Awww! Little man is sooooo freaking cute!! Looks like you guys had an absolutely fabulous Halloween! :)