Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pictures As Promised!!

I finally got my pictures to upload. I think it was operator error! Anyway, these are from our trip to Nashville last weekend. The only pics I took were at the Melting Pot, but I really didn't feel like dragging my camera around the rest of the night!

Whitney, Jeff, Me, and Morgan. What a group!
Before our meal. This one isn't good, but it totally cracks me up of Whit. She can NEVER keep her eyes open for a picture!
Whit and Jeff.....very rare instance when you get Jeff to take a picture, and I managed to get 3 of him! That has to be a record!
Me and the Hubs. Not the best picture of either of us, but we had the best time! Such a great birthday trip!


  1. i love the melting pot! very cute pictures!

  2. Hello there, I hear (from Kim Medley) that you live right down the road from me?! And that you know my daddy, Mr. Prater from Sparkman High?!