Monday, January 19, 2009

Shop, Shop, Shop....

Yeah, so anyone who knows me, knows this is one of my weaknesses! I absolutely LOVE to shop. I probably do it much too often, but I like to think I am a pretty good shopper. I hardly ever buy anything that isn't on sale, and I've tried recently to only buy things I absolutely can't live without!

This past weekend, Wyatt spent the night with his Nonni (his usual Friday night date!). I decided I would get some quality alone time in, so I went to Bridgestreet! I really didn't have any other motive than I had $100 in Gymbucks that had to be redeemed this week. For anyone who doesn't know what Gymbucks is, it is a reward program that Gymboree does every so often. For so much money you spend, you get so many bucks. Anyway, as the mother of a growing boy, I have to but clothes for him so often I really look for deals where I can find them! While I was there, I stepped in a few stores and found a couple of things for myself.

Here are a few of my favorite finds this weekend:

Adorable Gap Peacoat! It was on sale at our local Gap for $52. Gap online has the same one for $60-something. I'm not sure why there is a diffence in price, but I absolutely adore this coat. It totally dresses up blue-jeans which is my daily uniform!

3/4 lenth Gap fitted sweater $18! So cute, and so warm. I got in the habit of wearing 3/4 sleeves when I was working in the Salon, and they are just so practical. You feel dressed, but can still dig food out of the sink without getting your sleeves wet (yeah, I know from experience!)

I think I may have paid $5 for this little t-shirt at Old Navy. They are having a GREAT sale on their everyday stuff. I wear this and jeans so often, I couldn't pass it up!

Old Navy Cable Knit Rugby Crew sweater for $20. I have been eyeing this sweater for the last month, and I finally decided to buy it! It is so cute on. I think it would be super cute with my red flats! Quite nautical....haha

Before everyone goes to thinking I'm a selfish mother, I bought little man some great stuff also! A friend passed down a pair of these Converse Chuck Taylors to Wyatt a few months ago, and I just love them. He has outgrown the old pair, so I bought some new ones at Baby Gap for $19.95. His are navy blue, and they go with EVERYTHING!

Blue Hoodie with baby blue stripe and tractor pull from Gymboree. I went crazy a few months ago and bought they whole "tractor line" for Wyatt. They are adorable clothes with tractors and sayings all over, but I didn't see this jacket, so I HAD to get it this weekend. They zipper pull is a little tractor. It is a 2T, so I think he will be able to wear it next fall also!

For all mothers of boys, or expecting mother of a boy, I strongly recommend Gymboree for clothes. I was so worried when I was pregnant that I would never find cute things for Wyatt, but I always find things I love there. Baby Gap and Target are my two other favorites. I can't imaging if I had I girl, I would probably be broke because believe me, I definately don't have trouble spending money on him. If we are blessed with another boy in the future, he will have some GREAT hand-me-downs!

*For those of you who are wondering, I didn't buy Morgan anything, and I DONT buy him things unless he is with me. My sweet husband has a great since of style and definately knows what he likes! I never know what he will like, nor do I have the money to buy his "favorite" jeans that cost $100 per pair. haha. He is needing some new clothes, but he will be with me for that shopping trip!

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  1. I just noticed you added yourself to follow my blog! I had to take a peak at yours and already I'm a fan!! It is a bit tougher shopping for a boy, but like you I find that the cutest stuff is at Target, Gymboree, Gap and Old Navy. It's hard work finding cute stuff, but I love a good mission.

    Your family IS beautiful and I look forward to getting to know you through your blog.. I will definitely be back. :)