Thursday, April 30, 2009

What I've been up to

Taking lots of pictures! I don't get a chance to post everyday, but I love keeping up with everyone else's blogs. It really does make my day.

Yesterday was so much fun. I met a friend at the college campus downtown and we took pictures of her sweet little girl. She recently turned 3 and she is so much fun! I love taking pictures so much, but having sweet little people like her makes it so worth while. 

On another note, little man still isn't walking. We have an appointment on the 21st with the ENT to possibly talk about putting tubes in his ears. I really believe that the reason he hasn't taken off is because his ears have got him off balance. He has had 3 ear infections in the past 3 months. I really hope they do tubes and it helps him. It is hard to see him hurt.

Today we are staying in! I have been running like crazy this week, so I just decided we would have a fun day at home. We have done absolutely NOTHING. As a matter of fact, as I write this, it is almost 11 and neither Wyatt or I have changed out of our Pjs! I love days like this. I've already planned our supper tonight, and I so look forward to cooking. I haven't been able to all week since we've been so busy!

I hope everyone has a great day. I'll try to do better about posting, but I can't make any promises. Besides, I enjoy reading about your lives far more than writing about mine :)


  1. Hey Amber! Just to give you some releif, Klaire had really bad ear infections and for tubes when she was 11 months old... the next day she was walking, non-stop! I really belevie it was the off balance thing.... he's a sweetie. I hope he feels better.

  2. ummm I see some mispelled words but you know what i mean.... =) sorry!

  3. You wouldn't believe how many people have told me that. I'm so ready for them to do something! I feel sorry for him, he just has to watch other kids run circles around him :(

  4. I want to be you today!! In my PJ's all day.. that would be fun!
    Give that little W a sweet hug and have him hug you.. from ME!!

  5. Hey girl! Pics are precious, what type of camera do you have? I sure hope the tubes help, I will say a prayer. Hope you have a great week!