Monday, April 13, 2009

"But Honey.....

it's a muscle car." he said. "Ya don't say." I said.

The past week my husband has been helping a friend work on a 1965 Ford Mustang he is re-modeling. Keep in mind, this friend is a successful, patio-home living, good time having, woman chasing (no offense) run of the mill BACHELOR. In other words, no wife, no child, no "real" responsibilities. I love him to pieces, but he is the perfect guy for a "MuScLe CaR", as they say. So anyhow, my sweet hubby goes and pulls out the 1976 Ford Mustang he has had since high school that has been living in the in-laws garage for the past, oh 15 years. It seems like when one guy gets an idea, it has a trickle-down effect. Which in turn, makes it pretty rough on the one with the wife. Who by the way, has been begging for a Polaris Ranger for the past 6 months. I think it would be perfect for Wyatt and I to toodle around the farm! Anyway, I had been pretty good about dealing with the fact that I wasn't going to get one anytime soon....UNTIL.....he starts talking about putting THOUSANDS of dollars in this thing to quote: "Make it Mean". Well, it didn't get much better from there as I proceeded to tell him that he is gonna make me MEAN if I get put off for a silly MUSCLE car. Which is so not practical for us or anything that we do. We live on a chicken farm for heaven's sake. We need a Mean Tractor, not Mustang! haha. So, I guess I won this little battle......

You can now find it listed on Craig's List! Look out Ranger here we come!! haha


  1. wow..he even agreed to sell it. can you tell me know you did that. i gotta know. i wanna paint my kitchen cabinets and hubby won't even consider it. however, we have people coming over tomorrow to give us quotes on a whole big landscape project hubby has decided we need. ugh!!!
    hurry....amber, i need your secret! :) do i just need to turn my crazy on????

  2. Haha! You are hilarious!! I can totally see you saying all of that too. Ahh. I love your life. Which explains why I cannot get enough of your blog. :) Miss you like crazy, girlie!

  3. I've got go with Morgan on this one sis. I mean he's working pretty hard for the $$$ not that you don't work hard, trust me, I know you work super hard too. But let the poor guy have his little outlet to spend some time and elbow grease on. It's something he enjoys and it's something that he and Wyatt can enjoy together when Wyatt gets a little older. Having an old beater that he and Wyatt can spend time on when Wyatt gets to high school together can be something they bond over and spend time on. Not to mention it might be something that Wyatt can concentrate on rather than going out chasing girls like his favorite uncle did entirely too much of growing up. I love you like crazy sis but I think you should go ahead and let Morgan work on his old 'stang.