Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our boys

So as you all know, I've been super busy with Easter pics lately, but yesterday I was finally able to get Wyatt's done. Poor child. His Mama's a photographer and he has to be last! Anyway, my best friend Christy and I took our boys (who are 6 weeks apart) to Mooresville to do their pictures. We had so much fun. They are so different, but I think they will be great friends too though the years!

This is little Mason with the bunny! He didn't quite know what to think of her at first.

And of course, Wyatt, my little ham!! He is such an unhappy child....haha j/k :)

We wanted to take some of them together to give to our families. Christy and I have been friends for 20 years, so we are really like family. I can't wait to show our parents these!

Wyatt loves to play in the grass, it tickles his feet (they are super sensitive)!! So, I LOVED this one.


  1. beautiful pictures!! I love his easter outfit, he is too adorable!!

  2. Cute cute cute!!!! I love that blue outfit.

  3. Amber! You are such a talented photographer!! But, I bet you get plenty of practice with Wyatt for a model. He is sooo cute! :) I can see so much of you in him, especially when he smiles! :)

  4. Girl~
    Just look at those boys. Makes me want to have another one...OMG...did I just type that?
    They look very squeezable.
    Wish you take pics of my boy!
    Happy Easter~
    PS Your son doesn't look like your hubby at all...hahaha

  5. I love the pictures girl! You will have to get on Justin who said that he was passing gas in that picture that is tickling his feet! ha ha

  6. Love the pics...good job girl! Wish you could Ava's!!!! ;-)

  7. oh these couldn't be any cuter!!~