Monday, April 20, 2009

Weight Watchers

I'm back! So, in October of 2006 I joined Weight Watchers. I was needing to lose weight, and basically decided I needed to be healthy because I knew we would be trying for a baby the following year. Between October of 2006 and January of 2007 I lost and maintained 18lbs. I felt great, and I was at the smallest I remember myself being. I've never been really small, but I'm only 4'11'' so every pound shows on me. Anyway, I was thrilled! That was, until April of 2007 when I got pregnant with my sweet Wyatt! I had accomplished what I set out to do, but it was still hard because I knew I would have to lose it again.

During my entire pregnancy with Wyatt I gained exactly 30 lbs, which is considerably healthy. After I gave birth to Wyatt, I was able to lose 20 of those pounds, but I have kept on the last 10. I've tried doing other things up until this point, but the other day I realized "I know what works"! So, today I joined......again! It was really great when I went into the meeting today. It felt so comfortable, and just like I needed to be there. It is so realistic to know that I eat normal food, just in moderation. I hope I can stick to this, because I have really got to get myself under control. I think a healthy goal for right now would be 20 lbs. I would really like to lose 30 to be in my perfect weight, but I am setting realistic goals right now. We can worry about those other 10 another day! Knowing my luck, I'll lose my 20 and end up pregnant again! It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world though :)


  1. I know that you can do it!! Which meeting are you going to attend? I will need to go to one this summer. We have stopped the one at school. Get to Lifetime then get pregnant. You can go for 3 months after you have a baby without paying. :) Good Luck!

  2. Amber~ i think you are so pretty. just do what makes you feel good in your own skin!! another little person would be great!!