Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wet Weather, Fun Times!

Life today started as usual, no where to go nothing to do, but I must say I haven't minded it a bit! The weather has been yuck to say the least, so indoors is exactly where I want to be! Morgan's parents have gone out of town, so their house projects are put on hold which means he got to spend the day with us!

Wyatt has played with his new rocking horse his Uncle Justin sent for Christmas. I have caught up on some picture editing, and Morgan has just "relaxed" (which he NEVER does)! It has been pure bliss :)

At our annual Christmas party this past weekend, our dining table fought its final fight. We have been desperately needing a new one since we were married, but it served the purpose, so I figured we would keep it around as long as we could. The base has been held together by zip ties and the chairs aren't the sturdiest (is that a word) in the world. So anyway, I'm not sure how it happened but a friend of ours basically knocked the back completely off. I guess he thought I would be mad, but it was the highlight of my week!!! FINALLY a new table!!

Here is one I've fallen in love with. Our little house doesn't lend much room to formal tables, so a nice little round one suits us fine. Of course I love the cottage look, so I'm thinking this just might be it!!

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