Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hard to believe 1 is just around the corner :(

So, needless to say my little man's 1st birthday coming up so quickly. It is so sad to believe that it has been a year since I was gave birth to this perfect being. (Actually I was cut open, but the end result was the same!) He has brought more joy to me than I could ever imagine.

Anyway, I won't get all sappy on you, but I have had the best time picking out stuff for his little party! Morgan just remodeled his shop at the farm, so that will be the venue for this big event! Considering the size of our family, I thought this would be the best place for everyone to spread out. I always swore I would never have a child in January. Mine is the 29th and I never got to have those awsome "pool parties" or "campouts" that summer and fall babies had! Oh well, when you want a baby, you don't really think about the birthday I guess.

I love it when I hear, "Oh, I want to get pregnant in the winter so I have a summer/fall baby." Obviously, those women know their reproductive systems like the back of their hands. We had no idea when it would happen for us, so when it did so quickly we were just thankful to be pregnant.

Since this will be a farm birthday, I chose the e-i-e-i-o themed party goodies. What little boy doesn't like farm animals! At least he better love them. He lives on a farm, so this will be his life for at least the next 18 years!

Oh, and don't you just LOVE this cake?!? My friend's aunt makes the best cakes in the world, so this is what I have picked out for Wyatt. I have held off on letting him have sweets and ice-cream, so I can't wait to see him dig in to this tower of sugar!! He will be bouncing off the walls for a week.......he might have to go stay with his Nonni and Poppa until that wears off!!

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