Sunday, December 14, 2008

A girl can dream.....RIGHT?!?

I'm so excited, I've just ordered my first subscription to New Old House. I am in love with all things old, but with a new twist. I'm not really sure how you can be a southern woman and not love to make things pretty! I mean, isn't it instilled in us at a very young age to always be pressed, clean, polite, and NEVER live in a filthy house? Ok, well I'm not perfect in most of those areas, but I sure love to look at beautiful things, and old houses is what I love most! Some people love to shop for clothes and cosmetic things, and while I love those things too, there is nothing that I love more than to decorate my home.

My sweet husband reminds me everytime I bring something home for this house that, "Amber, our house is only 1700 sq ft." I am absolutely aware of that, believe me. We are bursting at the seams. I LOVE my humble home, but to be honest, I do look forward to the day when we can built our dream home. For the time being, this is my home, and I think a home should reflect the people that live in it.

Since we got married, I have kept a notebook of things I've torn out of magazines. I've also saved everything I find online as a reference for when we are able to make that step. I'm so thankful for our home we have now, and if it had just a few more closets and bedrooms, I would be perfectly happy staying here. However, the time will come when we have to leave and I hope to put all these pictures to good use!

I mean, who wouldn't want to call this place home?! I LOVE the huge porch and bold white trim. These two things are a must have on my list!

This picture just drew me in, I'm not sure where they found this bench, but I WILL have one someday (if I have to build it myself)!

Lately I have really been admiring the double front doors. I think they are so welcoming. I definately don't want a house where people don't feel welcome. I always feel so uncomfortable in homes that don't feel like someone really lives there.

Ok, let me just tell you about this bedroom. First of all, everything is PERFECT! I found this pic on and I go back quite regularly just to study it. I love the colors, the bed, the plantation shutters, well really there isn't anything I don't like here!

I don't think there is anything more classic and beautiful than white cabinets. So crisp. I hate how wood stained seems to become dated so quickly. I don't think I would ever get tired of looking at this!

A friend had one of these on her porch and I thought is was the coolest idea ever! A swing bed......Genious!! Give me a good book, a glass of sweet tea, and I'd be set for hours :)

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