Sunday, June 26, 2011

Toes in the Water

This weekend has been awesome! It was the first weekend that we haven't had something planned in I don't know when. Friday night, we hung out here at the house and grilled out and then yesterday, we headed down to the river with our friends, Jeff and Whit. It was so relaxing! Wyatt stayed with Nonni and Papa yesterday and went to a birthday party, so we were also "childless" for the day. We were lazy river rats all day! Then, last night, we all went out to Red Lobster for supper. It was nice to go out to eat with friends, even if our local Red Lobster is a Saturday night freak show to say the least! I've never seen so many strange people in one place in all my days. Granted, I'm sure "normal" is debatable to most, but really there were some sights in that place! It was entertaining anyway :)

This cute little booger did accompany us on our boating excursion Saturday! Is she not the most precious thing ever?!? Ok, I'm just a little biased, but she loves her Auntie Am, so we're tight like that! haha.
(for the record, she did have a life jacket on the entire time. we were stopped here and it was hotter than blue blazes, so we let her cool off for a bit!)

Tonight after church we had our VBS family night. It was so fun! The kids all show the parents what they've learned and sing and dance to the songs they learned throughout the week. Wyatt wanted no part and wouldn't get up with his group to sing. Not that I was surprised, I knew it would be a miracle if he actually did. I'm afraid he has some of his daddy's shyness about him. I'm working daily to get him out of that!
I had a sweet surprise left for me at church today though. My secret sister left me this awesome gift. It is from my favorite store here in town, Pimentos. I have a feeling she must know me pretty well. This is so me! I can't wait to wear these super cute earrings.

Tonight Wyatt helped his daddy check chickens when we got home. Morgan sent me this picture and I just LOVE it! This is so Wyatt right now. He is all boy and insists on wearing this John Deere hat all the time (he's sleeping with it as we speak). It's actually Morgan's hat, but he thinks it's so cool so he's claimed ownership for the time being!

Our weekend has been so awesome and I almost forgot to mention my trip to the Amish this past Friday! Wow. What an experience. I will have to do a separate post on that one! I absolutely loved it. I didn't take any pictures, but I hope to go back very soon and hopefully get a few. Morgan says they don't like to have their pictures taken. Something about condemning their souls or something, but I don't think it would count if they didn't know their picture was being taken! Anyway, I'll try to be respectful of their wishes, but their way of living is so amazing I really would love to document it!

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