Friday, August 14, 2009

Shady Folks

* Warning:
This topic gets takes place with me high atop my soapbox. If you would rather not hear my opinion, I suggest you now leave this page!

This morning my hubby and I had a long talk about "shadyness". Not a word, I know. Right now it is underlined with a nice little red line, but in our household, it is used as an adjective. A word to describe people who are just that, shady. My sweet husband always likes to think the best of people, and until now, I thought that was a wonderful trait to have. However, the past few weeks, we have learned that the world is FULL of shady people and you really have to look hard to find decent ones. You see, Morgan was raised by two very ambitious, and honorable people. His dad (former Marine) didn't let him get by without putting 100% into everything he did. This would be the reason Morgan completed his Eagle Scout badge before he was 16 (otherwise, his dad threatened he wouldn't be able to get his license to drive). He is such a go-getter, and if he says he is going to do something, by George, you can take it to the bank! I do love that about him. He never forgets so much as to return a phone call to a telemarketer (yes, I promise, on the way home from a funeral once, he called back someone who had left a message on his cell and promised to lower our cable bill. WHO DOES THAT?!? Morgan.) He never wants anyone to think he is being "shady".

So, on to our little conversation. The past few weeks, Morgan has been so stressed and I really couldn't figure out the problem. He has been so worried about selling this hay crop, it has completely consumed our conversations for the last 2 months. Ugh! It was about to drive me crazy. Don't get me wrong, I love our life on the farm, but sometimes you gotta find something else to talk about! This morning, while ironing clothes, it all came out. He was sitting on the bed telling me how this guy didn't call him back about buying a load of hay for a local feed store. Yesterday, he had called the guy, and he said he wanted to buy all the hay we had left in the barn. Morgan was thrilled! They guy told Morgan he would call him back yesterday afternoon to set up a time for delivery. Well, he didn't call. (S.H.A.D.Y.) I could tell it was really bothering him. I suggested maybe the guy got busy, and intended on calling today. (Keep in mind, we have a HUGE storage barn and there is no pressing issue to get it all sold right now. Except, like I said before, Morgan is the biggest go-getter I know.) Then, I proceeded to explain to Morgan that you can't rely on anyone else to be honest and decent but yourself. He just honestly couldn't understand how someone could be so "shady". "Why on earth would someone say they were gonna call, and then not?" he asked. God love him, he really thinks everyone should be like him. He was absolutely floored. This entire time, I've thought something was really bothering him, and it was. Not the crop, like I had originally thought, but people in general. You see, he's never really had to have a job and deal with the public. Growing chickens, no one is around, but you and a bunch of flogging birds. Not too much to get upset about in that atmosphere. But since he's been selling this hay to the public, he really has gotten a taste of reality. Not everyone is as they seem, and even those who you want to think the best of will let you down in a New York minute. 

In our 30 minute conversation this morning, here are a few things my sweet husband came to realize (in his words):

That's what's wrong with our government, people say they are going to do things and then don't.

Are people really that "shady"?

How in the world are you supposed to believe anyone will do what they say?

(To Wyatt) Son, I'm gonna raise you right. If you say your gonna do something, you better. I mean it!

You just can't trust anybody anymore.

It makes me so happy to have a man who is such a believer in the good in people. It really broke my heart to inform him that some people just can't be trusted. I think the world needs more people like my husband. If we all did what we said, the world would be a better place.

Side note: The man called about 30 minutes later about the hay! haha. Looks like he got all worked up over nothing. However, he didn't call when he was supposed to. Around here, we call that being SHADY!