Saturday, August 29, 2009

Originality Please?!

Do you ever see something that someone else has done and think, "Hey! That's a great idea."? Absolutely. It happens to me all the time. From somebody's great outfit, a cute decor tip, or anything else that interests me, I am really inspired by other people's ideas. I think it is a compliment to have someone ask me where I got something, or how I did something else. Really, I am NOT stingy with details.

However. I must admit that it bothers me to some degree when someone steals my EXACT idea for a picture. I understand that in this day and time, EVERYONE can have a professional camera. And, I think that is great, but I have put in hours and hours of practice and studying to learn what little I know about this business. To me, it isn't a business for monetary gain. I do it because I love it. Seriously. If no one else ever asked me to take a picture for them again, I would continue to do it for myself because it is part of who I am.

Everyone who I've ever taken picture for knows that I have a photography website. It is there for anyone who chooses to take a look at my work. I worked long and hard to make sure it was a direct reflection of my style. You wouldn't believe the number of photographs I have seen from acquaintances that are mirror images of my pictures. It is unbelievable. I mean, can you not tweak it a little to make it yours?! Don't get me wrong, I'm not "tooting my own horn" by any means. All I ask for is some originality. PLEASE!!!


  1. good luck with this. i did a "tweak" recently and got slammed for it. i really thought tweaks were OK. I just thought you wouldnt want to copy the exact thing. now i'm just not touching it at all. everyone can have their own ideas and i will have mine. i also think it's a compliment when someone loves my ideas.
    I don't think i have ever seen your website. i'm on the hunt now!!

  2. This is so one of my pet peeves - I cannot stand when people steal my ideas! Especially when it comes to something so personal - I've gotten to where I don't even share some things, for fear of someone doing it first and calling it theirs... so annoying!

    Is it sad that I cannot wait to eventually have children and have you do all the photographs? We are in absolutely no hurry, I just think your work is amazing!