Monday, August 24, 2009

Dear Mr. LG Front Load Washing Machine,

I want you to know that I do not like you very much. Better yet, I feel strongly enough about you to say that I hate you. When my husband brought you home, I thought you were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. However, after almost 4 years, I really despise you. Your looks are quite deceiving. 

Not only do you take special "HE" washing liquid (you just can't use the cheap stuff can you), you are far from being special. I think I would be better off living primitively and washing our clothes by hand. Did you know that if I don't remove my clothes as soon as the buzzer goes off, they smell like rotten eggs. I'm sorry Mr. Washer, but I don't always have time to remove my clothes so promptly. Don't you know I have other chores to tend to? I guess you don't care, do you? You also require a twice weekly cleaning. Aren't you supposed to take care of that? Nasty gunk gets trapped near your door, and cleaning that makes me almost physically sick. I go through mutiple Clorox wipes just keeping you clean. I only want to buy wipes for Wyatt, NOT YOU!

Your partner, Mrs. Dryer isn't too bad, although she can't get our clothes dry in one cycle. Oh yeah, and her "drying sensor" basically sucks. She can't tell when they're dry, and my towels come out feeling like they've just been used. Ugh. I want them to be all fluffy and warm. This never happens.

So, there you have it. As soon as I get the hubby to agree to it, you are out of here Mr. Washer. I would rather have your cheap counterpart. After all, bending down to get my clothes out of a washer wouldn't be so bad after all. I hope you straighten up your act, or no one will want you! Believe me, I don't think you have the best reputation after all.

Your annoyed owner,
Mrs. E


  1. you are hilarious. i have heard that about most front loaders. i bought a new washer & dryer about a year ago. the washer is like a front loader in that it doesn't have one of the twister things in the middle however it's a top loader. according to the salesman it used the same amount of water as a front loader. who knows... i feel like they just don't build things to last anymore. you just may be getting your new washer before you know it.
    i also read somewhere that you can use regular detergent...just use 1/2 of what it says.
    have a great night and you really crack me up!

  2. Good info...Thanks! I was thinking of getting the front loaders but many people are not happy with them!

  3. That is great! I'll definitely appreciate my pitifully old washer and dryer now! I won't feel so bad that I have to use a rag to help me turn it on. I won't swear at the knob (that is who knows where) because using your bare hand could produce blisters..haha. At least it works wonders!
    We definitely need a play date (for us and the kiddos). This weekend was psycho crazy but next time for sure!!

  4. Too funny! I agree with you though. Right after Brody was born ( like 2 days old) my hubby went out to find us the perfect washer and dryer.. I didn't want anything fancy just the plain old washer and dryer.. he comes home with the Electrolux front loader washer and dryer and I did love it and it is really pretty.. but I HATE THE CLEANING, HATE THE MILDEW SMELL IT GETS HATE IT!! I can clean the washer, get my clothes out right when they are done and they STILL smell... I just want the little ole washer and dryer :)

  5. ha!! this makes me feel SO much better about our trusty old whirlpool combo :) Our house has a massive laundry room and i begged josh to let me get a fancy new washer and dryer... obviously, i did not win that one, but sounds like i should be glad i didn't!

    the other ellis girl :)

  6. Haha! Amber, you are so freaking hilarious! I know exactly what you are talking about! I HATE the front loading washers that mildew and smell all gross. Been there, done that, no thank you!! Somehow, though, Daniel managed to get the one front loading washing machine in the entire world that doesn't have to be cleaned after every wash cycle. Which is especially good for me seeing as how I'm the only one who does laundry around here! haha.

  7. Good to know when I'm in the market for a new washer!

  8. Ha! My future MIL has a top of the line washer/dryer and she hates them too! Same problems. She wants her old ones that she had for 10 years back. We have a regular old washer/dryer and it works better than theirs. We have never had a problem, but they sure are UGLY! I want pretty and that too much to ask?

  9. I was so worried when I was out of town and my husband purchased us a front loading pair but fortunatley they have been fine for the last couple of years. I am almost nervous to type those words for fear that they will develop a problem now:) I do not mind doing laundry but if I was in your situation I would be ready to throw them out in the yard! You have such a funny way with words, the post had me laughing out loud! Hopefully you can get new ones soon. I word of advice when you do is watch out for the top loaders with no agitator (sp?). My SIL has one and hates it. She said it is supposed to be water/energy saver and she says it makes her clothes feel like the detergent is not rinsed out. Yuck!

  10. I hate my LG washer.It was purchased Feb,2008. My cloths comes out dingy.
    I do my underware by hand as the washer made them gray. Unbelieveable. The LG dryer does not get my towels completely dry.That requires another 20 minutes on the plain dryer cycle.
    Putting two king size sheets in the dryer together comes out twisted most of the time. Now I do one sheet with a few towels.I don't save on electricy that way. I do not care for the pretty pair of appliances setting side by side. Looks are not everything! And the washer
    stinks if the door is not left open.

  11. OMG... I agree with everything you say plus more... I absolutely hate my LG front loading washer and matching dryer. I hate so many things about it I can't even use my energy to type them all out. I want my old top loading Maytag back (with matching gas dryer)

  12. Why couldn't I have found this post before we got our new front loaders? I hate them. I have an 18 month old. She's always had stains, but this machine leaves her clothes looking like they were never washed! I'm not conserving anything when I have to wash the same load 4 times or more! The dryer takes two cycles! I want my old top loader back!

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  14. Bye Bye Mr. front load lg!
    Wow, i was just so fed up with mine that i typed in google i hate my lg front load washer and found this very old but perfect thread. When i read that, it was every thought that went through my mind. if everyone buying one of these just read this first they would stop. and why are they trying to make the machines look so nice, who cares. I did have an he washer which was sears whirlpool and it was fantastic, clothes smelled good, took the dirt out, never ever washed clothes twice., i do still have the dryer but the poor washer only lasted ten great years. I think i will list my machine on old cl for cheap........only one year old but i really hate it to the point i will write the whole thing off as a loss.
    I think i may just spend the money and buy a Speedqueen. After all that is was all of the coin laundry mats use. Thanks whoever wrote that, i love it , just perfect!
    Frank V.
    Roswell Ga