Wednesday, September 7, 2011

OUR New Farm!!!!!!!

The day is FINALLY here and we are now the owner's of a new farm!!! It's bittersweet that we will be moving from the place that we became a family, but it is so exciting to start this new adventure in our life. This has been a long time coming. We first started searching for land last November and we found this place in March. Here we are 6 months later and it's finally ours!

The new farm is a lot more land and definitely a lot more work, but we are up for the challenge. I know if anyone can handle it, it would be Morgan Ellis. I'm so thankful for such a hard-working husband. He's the best!!! Never in my life did I imagine this would be my life, but the Lord has blessed us beyond anything we deserve.

We closed the deal on our farm as well this farm today so it is all a done deal. We were extremely nervous going into the attorney's office today, but it all went off without a hitch! The previous landowners had been quite difficult to deal with throughout the entire process so I figured we would have some issues today, but everything went better than we could've ever imagined. It still seems surreal, but I know it will begin to sink in when we can actually step on "our" farm tomorrow!!! The dirt guys will be there first thing in the morning to start on our dirt work for the new chicken houses. I have a feeling everything is going to start to move fast from here on out!! We will continue to live in the house we are in now until our chicken houses are built and then we will move into the old farmhouse for a while. She's not very practical and definitely needs some cosmetic work, but I do love her old house bones! We won't be doing much to the house since we don't plan on being there long, but new carpet and a little paint is a must before we move in!

Across the road from the house is 2 barns and a silo. These will stay, but Morgan will also be building a new shop and our chicken houses will be just south of these buildings. Our land is on both sides of the road, so the majority of the "farm" will be on the east side. Our house and the hills/hunting land will be west side of the road. I hope to take a wide-angle lens to the top of the hill and get a better picture of the place. It is kind of hard to explain in these pictures.

This is part of our bean crop this year and the location of the chicken houses.

I found these 2 cows wondering the property yesterday! I have no idea who they belong to, but they had ear tags so I'm assuming they were from a nearby farm. Morgan ran them down the road to a pasture north of us. We think they belong there, but who knows?!?! haha.

This is further down the road looking at more of our bean crop. I'm so proud of Morgan. I think it's going to be a great crop this year if we can keep the wild boar and deer out of them! They think we planted them for them obviously. They've had a few meals out there, we've noticed :)

I plan on taking pictures of the dirt work tomorrow. I'm sure I will have lots of updates on the blog from now on. This is only the beginning of this crazy adventure!!


  1. Looks beautiful! I just love the old farmhouse, it is charming! I know you will make some great memories there while building your forever home. Hope the next year goes smoothly and is stress free!

  2. I'm two years too late, but congratulations all the same on your farm! I hope you enjoy living in it so far. I'm sure that there are some days when you miss your old house, but I think your farm looks so very beautiful that you've already created many awesome new memories here.

    ~ Gertrude Poulsen