Monday, August 29, 2011

1st Bean Crop at New Farm!!

This afternoon we took a little drive to Pulaski to go to Wal-Mart and on the way we just happened to pass our new farm (totally out of the way, by the way)! Anyway, I'm still hesitant to call it "our farm", but we are supposed to close soon so I'm knocking on wood here :)

We stopped to check on our bean crop and things are looking pretty good! We're definitely praying for rain so the pods will fill out a bit more, but all in all, Morgan's pretty pleased. There are a few places that the deer had a meal, but we hope to take care of that problem soon too! Morgan and I are so excited to do some hunting there this winter. I've even asked for a gun for my anniversary this year!

Here is my handsome hubby in the pretty bean field:

We're still praying and crossing our fingers that all goes well and we are able to close by next week! Hopefully we will be able to get lots of pictures of the farm to post next week!

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  1. Just now catching up on blogs! SO happy for y'all. If you ever need anyone to take care of those deers, just let me know - D would be glad to!! :)