Monday, August 1, 2011

All things Bling

I'm so excited about my newest obsession/business opportunity! Tomorrow I will officially become a Silpada Rep. I know, as if I don't have enough on my plate! To be honest, I am absolutely in love with their jewelry. I'm not doing it to make money, but because I love their product and to be honest, I'm sick of being invited to "cheap" jewelry parties. Don't get me wrong, I love jewelry just as much as the rest of the ladies in the world, but I want something that will last. That is Silpada. It is sterling silver and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. You can't find that anywhere else. That being said, it's pretty pricey, but jewelry is one of those things that will last forever if you invest in good pieces. I also love that when friends host a party, they can also earn free jewelry!! There is no pressure and no sales pitches, so I just get to go have "Girl's Night Out" and play in jewelry for a couple of hours. I'm so excited! I have been weighing this idea for weeks now and I just don't see how I can't get involved with this awesome company. Here are are few of the pieces I'm loving right now.


  1. Love it! The jewelry looks like you....I bet you will do AWESOME at it!

  2. Thanks Angela! I'm excited :) I wish you weren't so far away so you could come to my open house in a couple of weeks!