Saturday, May 7, 2011

As I sit here watching Law Abiding Citizen, wondering why I'm watching Law Abiding Citizen, I realized that I'm super behind on blogging (yes, blame it on my undiagnosed ADD, my mind won't focus on one thing at a time). Seriously though, let me back up. Have any of you ever watched this movie?? The things I do for my husband. It has to be the most gruesome movie I've ever seen. Our choices tonight were this or Secretariat, I'm thinking I should've stuck with the race horse! It is derby day after all!! Anyway, take my advice, if you haven't seen it, don't. Unless, of course, you like blood and guts and seeing Gerard Butler at any cost (he is pretty easy on the eyes :).

So, what's been going on here since Easter?? Let's see......
MAJOR TORNADOES!!! It really has been horrible. Thank the dear Lord we weren't hurt or affected in any way, other than loss of power for about 4 days. Unfortunately, so much of our town and state was absolutely destroyed. It is so heartbreaking to see this sort of destruction everywhere you go. My heart goes out to all the people who lost loved ones and all their earthy belongings. I will say, I am so proud to be from a great place where people step up and help one another in a time of need. The volunteers, churches, and just good people who have been out there every day helping is such a blessing to witness. At one point, our community was turning away volunteers because they had too many!

Other than that, life around here has been pretty ordinary. Wyatt has become obsessed with t-ball, thanks to a sweet friend who gave us their old tee! I'm so glad he loves it. Being a child that grew up at the ball field, I hope to be able to do the same for my kids. We are definitely advocates of letting Wyatt find his own interests, but it does thrill my heart that he loves sports! At least t-ball is something I know a little about. It's been a lot of fun to get outside every afternoon and hit the ball and practice throwing and catching.

Today, Morgan and I drove down to Birmingham and traded in my suv for a (get this) car!!!! Yes, I'm trying to be a good sport and have an open mind about the whole situation. I do love the new car, but man is it going to take some getting used to! I haven't driven a car in about 6 years, so it is a HUGE change. It just isn't practical for us to have a gas hog anymore. Especially with us moving further out in the boondocks! My Armada was getting 14 miles to the gallon. It had gotten to the point that I didn't even want to go anywhere because I didn't want to put gas in the thing! And, if you know me, I'm NOT one to sit at home!! Mama calls it my "Thrift" blood. I come from a long line of goers! Anyway, the new (to me) car got 27 mpg on the way home. I think I'm going to LOVE that!! No, I won't be able to throw random chairs or antiques in the back, but fortunately Morgan has a big ole truck anytime I need to use it! I just have to keep reminding myself that my Mama raised 2 kids driving a Toyota Corolla, hauling ball bags and all!

That about sums up things here on the farm. Looking forward to spending Mother's Day with my guys tomorrow. Working cows, then church........what more could a girl as for?!?! :)

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