Thursday, May 19, 2011

Taco Salad

I'll admit I'm usually not a taco salad fan, unless of course it's from Rosies (and since Rosies is local I realize that most of you don't know just how wonderful it is. Seriously, it's worth the trip to Huntsville :) I usually don't like making it at home because I just feel like it's so bland. The other day I was searching and I came across a new taco salad recipe. It looked quick and easy, so I thought I needed to try it! I did modify a few things because I don't like the taco sauce that it called for on top. And, tomatoes aren't in season just yet so I didn't use those on the top. Both of my guys LOVED it, so I thought I'd share it with y'all!

Taco Salad
1 lb ground beef
1 packet Taco Bell taco seasoning
1/2 can whole kernel corn
1/2 can light red kidney beans

Additional: lettuce, tomato (if you aren't weird like me), mild cheddar cheese, tostitos, and ranch dressing

1. Prepare beef with taco seasoning as instructed on packet.
2. Add corn and kidney beans to mixture. Allow to simmer 5 minutes.
3. Make a bed of chips on your plate. Top with meat mixture. Follow with cheese, lettuce and ranch dressing.
4. ENJOY!!

* Pardon the poor quality of this picture. I took it with my phone and sent it through email.

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