Friday, October 16, 2009

So sad....

Yesterday I had 40 followers.

Today I have 39.

I hope I didn't offend anyone.

I was so excited to have 40 (pitiful, I know).

I will try to be a better blogger.

I promise.


  1. That is how I felt when someone dropped me as a follower. I only have sad!! ;-)

  2. I know how that feels. I get so excited when I get a new follower and when I lose one I get a little sad and worried about why they don't want to read my blog. One day I lost like 5 in one day. I started feeling REALLY bad that day :( I still LOVE your blog! Read it everytime you update even if I don't comment! :)

  3. Girlfriend, you are a fabulous blogger! One of my favorites, actually. And the best part is that you're even more adorable in person than you are on your blog! I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to know you! :) All that being said, I know exactly how you feel! I hate losing followers! It's like I'm losing friends!! BUT Maybe the lost follower was a mistake, like a computer glitch or something. Don't take it personally, girlie! You're still fabulous!

  4. It was me. Just kidding! I actually tried to add you but I don't know how. haha. I only know how to do it if there is a little list on your blog. I'll try and figure it out so you can get back to 40. If it makes you feel any better I only like 5. =)

  5. Oh...and I would love to take a shopping trip for the nursery! Do you know of any good places that have dressers/other furniture? I always go to the antique stores where everything is like $1,000!

  6. I am now a follower ; ) You are back at 40!