Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Forgive me

for my horrible job of posting lately. I really do have a good excuse, I promise!

~Sunday- Little man wakes at 2 am and screams until 7am. At which time, I proceed to call our wonderful pediatrician who sees in that day! Yes, Sunday, I told you she was wonderful. He had been running a fever and was in horrible pain. She takes one look in his ear and there it is.......a nasty ole ear infection. Horrors! This was his first and hopefully his last. I'll take a teething baby any day to that!

~Monday- We are supposed to have Wyatt's last "Head Doctor" appointment at Vandy that morning, but I had to reschedule due to this awful ear infection. After being with a sick baby all day, the hubs came home and watched him while I went to my spinning class. I swear, it keeps me sane! Anyway, afterwards, I come home and cook supper and watch the Bachelor finale. I shouldn't even write about that because I am still utterly ticked about that one. I can't even believe it is real. I mean, if anything has ever been staged before, that was it. I still feel sorry for Melissa and I'm glad she didn't hold back on him. He is such a loser. I have no respect for him at all.

~Tuesday- My usual "working" day. Took Wyatt to his Nanna's and did hair all day. Nothing too exciting, but I enjoy seeing the people that I still do, so it was fun to catch up during our monthly visit! After picking Wyatt up, we took our family trip to Wal-Mart (it's much easier with two adults) and after 2 grocery carts and $260 left feeling disgusted. I never feel satisfied after grocery shopping. I know they are necessities, but I HATE spending that money! On the way home, we stopped by Captain D's to eat supper. Why you ask? I have no idea! I don't even like that place, and I'm not sure that anyone does under the age of 65. Anyway, it filled an empty spot and kept me from having to cook when I got home. After playing with Wyatt for a little bit, we put him to bed and finished Part 2 of the Bachelor. I really just wanted to see who the new Bachelorette was. I'm thrilled Jillian is back!!!! I might not boycott after all :)

~Wednesday- Today was pretty enjoyable actually! The weather here was GORGEOUS, so it was a nice day to get out. Wyatt and I went to Huntsville. I took him by my Granny's house while I ran a couple of errands. He loves playing at her house, and she loves having him! It is nice to have someone there to keep him while I do nonsense things like bankruns, returns, etc. I met my Daddy for lunch at one of my favorite little places, The Big Spring Cafe. They have the best greasy burgers in town. It was nice to spend time with him. I'm such a Daddy's girl! Afterward, I picked Wyatt up and went to visit my Mama. If we are ever in town, she has to see her little man. I'm glad my family all lives so close.
                         I must tell you the highlight of my day was getting my nails done tonight with my best girlfriend, Christy. She wanted to get me a pedicure for my b'day, and we haven't had the time until now. It was so fun! The hubbys kept the boys, and we had a little girls night out! I miss spending that quality time with her like we used to. We had a blast and our toes look just lovely! It's official.....I'm ready for SPRING!!! Tomorrow is my hair day, could it get any better? :)

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  1. Amber~
    I'm happy to hear Wyatt its feeling better. Phew~
    You have been a busy girl. Happy to hear you are still getting you spinning classes in. My hubby always say "if mama isn't happy, no one is" It really fills you back up. It actually gives you more to give.
    Yeah for pedicures!!
    Happy belated birthday. I don't even think I knew about your blog then :)